Imagine not being able to have hot water for washing dishes or taking a shower. A functional water heater is vital to running a productive household, which is why you should call a plumbing contractor for water heater repair at the first hint of trouble. Keep reading to learn the signs to watch out for in your hot water heating system.

  • 1. Leaks

    Be sure to check up on the condition of your hot water heater every now and then. Also, feel free to take advantage of our water heater maintenance services. Both of these preventative measures can help you spot leaks before they become a bigger problem. Leaks can happen when the metal of your hot water heater expands with the rising temperatures. The best way to avoid premature water heater replacement is to keep up on maintenance. That way, you won’t have to call an emergency plumber for repairs.

  • 2. Unpredictable Shower Temperatures

    No one likes being doused in freezing or scalding water while taking a shower. If you have found that your shower isn’t as receptive to your attempts to adjust the temperature, it may be time to get your hot water heater seen by a licensed plumber. Any discrepancy between your heat setting and your hot water heater’s actual performance should be taken seriously.

  • 3. Rusty Water

    Rusty water is an unwelcome sight when you’re trying to wash the dishes. If you’ve noticed rust hued water starting to come out of your faucets, this may be a sign that your hot water heater is on its way out. Rusty water indicates rust inside your hot water heater. Since rust can easily compromise the structural integrity of your gas water heater and cause leaks, you’ll want to call a plumber as soon as possible.

  • 4. Cracking

    The hot water tank is susceptible to cracking over time due to prolonged exposure to heat. The hot water causes the metal of the tank to expand, causing cracks or even bending. When this happens, be sure to call your local plumber so they can help you prolong the life of your gas hot water heater. If your hot water heater is beyond repair, we can get you set up with a new one as soon as possible.

  • 5. Rumbling or Banging Noises

    If you’ve been hearing noises coming from your basement late at night, don’t worry, it’s not a poltergeist. Most likely, there’s sediment in your hot water heater that is causing the disruptive noises. Over time, it’s natural for a little sediment to collect on the bottom of your hot water heater. However, this thin layer can easily harden due to the high temperatures and make your hot water heater work harder to produce the same level of heat.

    To help your plumbing last as long as possible, ask about our water heater maintenance services. Through proper maintenance, we can help prolong the life of your water heater so you and your family can enjoy it for years to come.

Our Grand Rapids plumbers are dedicated towards making sure our clients enjoy their gas or tankless water heaters for as long as possible. To schedule water heater installation or other plumbing services, call Herrema Plumbing at (616) 452-8669.