Hard water refers to water in your home that contains calcium, magnesium, and other minerals. While mineral-rich water won’t affect the health of you and your family, the same can’t be said of your residential plumbing system. In this blog post, we will go over the common signs you need to call a Grand Rapids plumber to soften water once and for all.

White Spots Appear on Dishes

After washing your dishes, you would expect them to be clean. However, if you notice white spots or powder left after drying, you most likely are dealing with hard water. Cleaning with hard water is difficult because when the water evaporates, minerals are left behind on your dishes. Hard water can also have a similar effect on your hair, making it feel dry, rough, or even sticky. To get your dishes (and your hair) back to their normal shine, we recommend calling a residential plumber in your area.

It’s Hard to Lather Soap

If you find yourself using more soap to create lather, you may be living with hard water. Another telltale sign of hard water is that you are left with a soap residue on your skin after washing your hands or taking a shower. You may also notice a soapy film on your shower walls.

Clothes Look Gray and Dingy

If it’s hard to create lather when washing your hands, the same probably holds true for washing your clothes. The minerals in hard water interfere with being able to get your clothes sudsy and clean in the washing machine. If your clothes feel like they aren’t getting clean after being in the wash, you may want to check for other signs of hard water in your home.

Pipes are Clogged

Clogged pipes can sometimes be a sign of hard water. This is because when the minerals in hard water are heated, they solidify and build up on the insides of your plumbing into what we call “scale”. The result is clogged pipes. If you are calling a plumber to deal with clogged pipes and recognize the other signs of hard water described in this blog, you may want to invest in water softening services.

Water Heater is Damaged

When hard water is heated, the minerals solidify on the inside of your water heater. Plumbers call this mineral buildup in pipes “scale”. If you allow hard water to circulate through your water heater, the problem will only get worse. As scale builds up in the tank, your water heater is forced to work harder to put out the same amount of heat.

When your water heater is forced to function with increasing levels of scale, it can shorten the lifespan of the unit. Make sure you take advantage of services offered by water softening plumbers so you don’t have to prematurely replace your water heater.

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